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Journey to EVTOL Test Drag Race – Part One

The EXA Drag Race – which saw two teams battle electric VTOL in the sky in South Australia – was an important step in Airspeeder’s pre-season testing. Not only did it test our Alauda Mk3 Speeders in real race conditions, but also our pilots’ skill, the teams’ engineers, their race procedures, processes and logistics. Outright victory for Team Bravo was just the icing on the cake.

The first episode of the Journey to the Test Drag Race mini-series charts the buildup to the world’s first competitive eVTOL sprint. Hear from Airspeeder’s CEO Matt Pearson, Project Manager Brett Hill and Head of Design Felix Pierron on why this first foray into the world of sport was significant for Airspeeder and the future of motorsport in the skies.



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