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Matt Pearson Founder of Airspeeder

The founder

Matt Pearson: Airspeeder’s Founder and Visionary

Our Founder is possessed of a singular vision to hasten the arrival of the electric flying cars we have been promised in contemporary culture for generations. 

Following success in his first venture, Matt took time to explore the next frontier. The result is a group of businesses based in Adelaide, South Australia, a rapidly expanding global centre of excellence in space and aerospace technology. 

From there Matt is rapidly expanding the Internet of Things through a growing network of nano-satellites in low-earth orbit through his venture Fleet

To more earthly bounds, Matt founded Airspeeder, the world’s first racing series for electric flying cars in 2018 and Alauda the manufacturer who will create the ultimate performance eVTOL craft.

Airspeeder CEO Matt Pearson

Race Series

The future is now

We are the world’s first racing series for crewed flying electric cars.

Our Journey

We take a look back at racing and aviation history to where Airspeeder is today.


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