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“Auto racing began five minutes after the second car was built.”

Henry Ford

Founder of Ford Motor Company

Steam motorsport is born

The first competitive event was held in Manchester, UK where two racers attempted the course with steam-powered engines lasting just under an hour. The race holds wider significance - the first time in history that cars were used purely for competing.


Benz patents the car as we know it

A new technology becomes available to consumers, thanks to Carl Benz and his vehicle powered by a gas engine. He applies for a patent for what’s considered as the birth certificate for the automobile.


The Wrights get it right

The first aeroplane flight is recorded by Orville and Wilbur Wright with their aircraft the Kitty Hawk, marking the start of a transportation which would revolutionise the world.


Birth of the land speed record

France’s Jeantaud Duc and its driver set the first ever land speed record at a total of 39 mph paving the way for competitive straight line competition.


The world goes air racing

Thanks to the Schneider Trophy, an epic new sport is invented, which saw seaplanes and flying boats battle it out with the first event in Monaco, Europe - a location that’s now synonymous with motorsport.


Transatlantic flight

In 1919, Alcock and Brown became the first duo to cross the Atlantic with a non-stop flight which took them around 16 hours. This monumental effort was a huge feat for innovation, showing just how rapidly the boundaries of technology were being tested and pushed.


An elite motorsport commences

The first World Championship Formula One race is held at Silverstone in the UK, with 22 entrants. This event marked the birth of the golden age of technology which would lead to motorsport being a test bed for consumer technology.


The Space Race intensifies

After years of scientific research, Sputnik 1 successfully enters Earth’s orbit and becomes the first satellite to do so.


Global electric-powered motorsport launched

The world is introduced to Formula E with its inaugural race in Beijing, China. This is the world’s first series of the kind, paving the way for other electric series in the future.


Airspeeder is founded

Airspeeder is founded by Matt Pearson with a vision to accelerate a mobility revolution through competition.


MK1 development begins

MK1 development begins in Sydney, Australia.


Mk2 test flights start

First ground-controlled flight takes place at Wakefield Airfield.


Airspeeder unveiled to the world

Airspeeder unveiled to the world by Matt Pearson and the Duke of Richmond at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.


World’s first flying electric racing car prototype

A vision for the acceleration of a mobility through sporting competition is seen for the first time.


Major institutional backing is secured

Major institutional backing is secured, acknowledging Airspeeder’s role in accelerating a potential $1.5 trillion industry.


Acronis adds cloud protection

Airspeeder announces the technology that will ensure close but safe racing.


Race Series

The Future is Now

We are the world’s first racing series for manned flying electric cars.

Race Series

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