Airspeeder Lands on Celeros – The Next Level eSports Racing Game

Apr 26 2023


Airspeeder has partnered with Saltwater Games to bring its crewed racing eVTOL series into Celeros, a new mixed-reality AAA racing game with an innovative in-game economy that supports real-world social and environmental impact projects.


We are thrilled to share the exciting news that Airspeeder, the world’s first crewed racing eVTOL series, has joined forces with Celeros, an innovative AAA mixed-reality racing game. What sets Celeros apart is its groundbreaking in-game economy, which actively supports real-world social and environmental impact projects.

At Airspeeder, our primary objective has always been to raise public awareness and generate excitement surrounding the potential of Advanced Air Mobility. Just yesterday we announced a broadcast deal with DAZN, and now with the addition of an Esports and Gaming division to Airspeeder, our mission is further strengthened. We are incredibly excited to welcome a new generation of gamers who will take on the role of Airspeeder Pilots and enable the world to experience the exhilaration of Flying Car Racing.

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Through our exciting partnership with Saltwater Games and their highly anticipated mixed-reality game, Celeros, we are thrilled to bring the exhilarating world of Airspeeder racing to gamers all around the globe. Celeros goes beyond being just another racing game; it serves as a virtual haven for racing enthusiasts and an avenue for aspiring real-world pilots.

One of the standout features of Celeros is Play2Impact, a unique concept that allows players to earn valuable in-game digital assets. These assets can be utilized to make investments in real-world causes, creating a tangible and sustainable impact on society and the environment.

As the pioneering crewed racing eVTOL (Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing) series, AirspeederXR will be the inaugural race series to partake in the immersive world of Celeros. Developed by the visionary creators behind renowned titles such as Gran Turismo, WipEout, and Need for Speed, Celeros promises an unparalleled and authentic racing experience that is sure to captivate and thrill players.

Get ready to embark on an adrenaline-fueled journey like never before as Celeros and AirspeederXR combine cutting-edge technology, high-speed racing, and the opportunity to make a positive impact on the real world. Prepare yourself for the ultimate racing adventure that pushes the boundaries of virtual reality and propels you into the fast-paced world of Airspeeder racing.


Celeros will allow gamers and pilots to learn, race, configure their Airspeeder, and hone their skills with a chance to become a real pilot when Airspeeder launches its crewed racing series in 2024. By enrolling in the Celeros Academy, you can learn more about configuring your Speeders, including understanding the Collision Avoidance Systems, motors, batteries, and propellers needed to enhance the AirspeederXR racing performance.

The release of the new Celeros website marks the opening of the Celeros Academy. Be one of the first to experience the Academy by heading to

We are thrilled to invite you to take part in this innovative and exhilarating experience, as we work towards creating a world-leading gaming experience that combines modern and future motorsport with an innovative game economy that supports real-world environmental projects.

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