Former Wisk CEO Gary Gysin Joins Airspeeder

Aug 23 2023


Airspeeder, a leader in flying car racing technology (eVTOLs), is excited to announce that Gary Gysin, former CEO of Wisk, is joining the company as a board member.


With a distinguished career in the aviation and technology industries, Gary brings a wealth of experience and expertise to further drive the advancement of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) technology and autonomous flight.

Gary most recently was the founding CEO of Wisk Aero, a joint venture between the Boeing Company and Larry Page’s Kittyhawk. Prior to Gary’s retirement in February of 2023, Gysin built Wisk into the market-leading self-flying, all-electric, 4-seat air taxi, created the executive and development leadership teams, set the strategic targets for the company, including the entry into service timing and city roll-out, launched the company’s commercial type certified aircraft development program, and closed over $450M in new financing capital.  Wisk recently became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Boeing Company.



I am thrilled to join Airspeeder's board and be a part of this exciting journey towards the future of mobility. Formula 1 racing and autosport racing of all forms has helped spur innovation and safety in consumer vehicles and Airspeeder is leading the way in eVTOL with its electric flying car racing approach. Joining the Board aligns perfectly with my passion for aviation and Formula 1.
Gary Gysin Airspeeder

Airspeeder, led by visionary founder Matthew Pearson, is poised to revolutionize aerial mobility through flying car racing. In bringing together cutting-edge technology, high-performance electric aircraft, and thrilling racing experiences, Airspeeder aims to accelerate the development of eVTOL technology and inspire the next generation of aviators and engineers.

Airspeeder and Alauda Aeronautics operate on a global scale. The technical headquarters of the sport is located in Adelaide, South Australia, strategically positioned in close proximity to ideal testing grounds for a groundbreaking form of aerial mobility. The sports commercial, communications, and administrative headquarters are based in London, England, led by Airspeeder’s Co-founder, Jack Withinshaw. This London location provides Airspeeder with direct access to leaders in motorsport, rights management, and regulatory matters.

Gary's expertise and forward-thinking approach to aviation and autonomy make him an invaluable addition to our board. We are excited to collaborate with him as we continue to push the boundaries of electric flight and redefine the future of transportation; his perspective on the future of the industry is key as we build a motorsport that has deep resonance with the wider market of OEMs crafting transformational electric aircraft.
Matt Pearson Airspeeder

As Airspeeder continues to pave the way for electric flying car racing, Gary Gysin’s insight and experience will undoubtedly contribute to the company’s growth and success in the rapidly evolving eVTOL industry.

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