Airspeeder Commits to UN Framework

Mar 24 2021


Airspeeder, the world’s first racing series for flying electric cars, has signed the United Nations Sustainability in Sport pledge.


In signing the framework, both Airspeeder and its sister company, Alauda, align themselves with prominent names in the global sports industry who share a commitment to a sustainable future. This esteemed group includes renowned entities such as The New York Yankees, The International Olympic Committee, The FIA, Formula E, and Extreme E.

Airspeeder is at the forefront of creating the world’s most progressive motorsport. The competition features a full grid of electric flying cars racing in close proximity at high speeds, captivating spectators with breathtaking scenery as the backdrop.

More than just a sport, Airspeeder embodies a purpose-driven approach. Electric flying car racing accelerates the advanced air mobility revolution, a clean and environmentally friendly mode of transportation poised to revolutionize global logistics and urban passenger transport. It already finds applications in remote medical scenarios. Just as racing has historically spurred progress in the automotive and aviation sectors, it now tackles crucial questions pertaining to safety, awareness, and technology in the realm of advanced air mobility.

Airspeeder joins UN framework


From its inception, Airspeeder has been built in response to the global requirement to rapidly develop clean air mobility technologies. This extends to the philosophy around the staging of races, events and operations. 

Airspeeder sets itself apart by eliminating the need for resource-intensive infrastructure. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as LiDAR, Radar and Augmented Reality Technology, digital tracks are created, eliminating the requirement for extensive physical construction. This unique approach allows Airspeeder to venture into new territories and present racing in diverse landscapes that were previously inaccessible in traditional motorsport.

As a sport born in the era of global streaming, Airspeeder’s race-day impact is significantly reduced, as it does not depend on large-scale spectator attendance for its commercial success or conceptual viability. This innovative approach ensures that fans worldwide can experience the excitement of Airspeeder racing through global streaming services, transcending the limitations of traditional motorsport and reaching a broader audience.

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"We are proud to stand with leading sporting entities to acknowledge our collective responsibility to play a leadership role in the global fight against climate change."
Matt Pearson Founder & CEO, Airspeeder


The United Nations Sport for Climate Action initiative operates with the aim of fulfilling two overarching objectives.

Firstly, it strives to establish a clear trajectory for the global sports community to combat climate change by fostering commitments and partnerships that adhere to verified standards. This includes the measurement, reduction, and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions in alignment with the goals outlined in the Paris Agreement, specifically targeting a trajectory well below 2 degrees Celsius. Secondly, the initiative aims to leverage the power of global sports as a unifying force, fostering solidarity and engendering a sense of collective responsibility among global citizens for climate action.

Under the Sports for Climate Action Framework, participants commit to five fundamental principles. These principles include actively promoting responsibility, implementing measures to reduce their overall climate impact, educating stakeholders on climate action, encouraging sustainable consumption practices, and advocating for climate action through effective communication strategies.

These objectives and commitments align seemlessly with Airspeeder’s mission to revolutionize clean-air mobility. With sustainability as a core principle, Airspeeder aims to create a sport that actively promotes a clean-air mobility revolution, fosters sustainable practices, and contributes to the global efforts to combat climate change.

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