IWC becomes Airspeeder’s Engineering & Time Partner

Jun 15 2021


IWC Schaffhausen joins forces with Airspeeder, the world’s first electric flying car racing series, in a new engineering and time partnership.

Engineering the future of sport

The Airspeeder racing series is the brainchild of founder Matt Pearson, who also runs Alauda, the world’s first performance electric flying car manufacturer. Pearson’s inspiration stems from the historical role of sports propelling technological advancements. His visionary concept aims to establish a novel form of motorsport that expedites the progress of advanced air mobility, revolutionizing passenger transportation, logistical operations, and even medical services.

In due course, the envisioned global race series will witness a complete grid composed of eVTOL (electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing) crafts, exclusively manufactured by Alauda. These crafts will be operated by elite pilots and overseen by individual teams, engaging in competition at altitudes of up to 40 meters above ground level and reaching speeds of 200 kilometers per hour. Notably, the races will be conducted on digitally-generated tracks and broadcasted worldwide, thereby minimizing the environmental impact associated with more intricate logistics and infrastructure requirements.

“The Airspeeder team are true pioneers of aviation. IWC Schaffhausen are proud to collaborate on an endeavour that will make such a progressive impact on society.” 
Christoph Grainger-Herr IWC Schaffhausen, CEO

From its technical base in South Australia, the Airspeeder project has brought together some of the brightest minds in aviation, motor racing and performance automotive engineering from across the world. Charged with envisioning a better future, the diverse team of engineers, specialists and pilots are encouraged to think innovatively to push the boundaries of technical excellence, a philosophy which IWC Schaffhausen also shares.

The new partnership reflects this common purpose and will establish a knowledge exchange to prompt technological progress within the engineering departments of both organisations.

“Whether the result is a beautifully designed watch or a revolutionary flying car, we all rely on human and technical endeavour to make truly impactful change through giant technical leaps.”
Matt Pearson Airspeeder and Alauda, Founder

Airspeeder developed its first small-scale prototype performance eVTOL in 2017 and has continued to finesse the design ever since through computer modelling and simulation, as well as extensive testing.

The newest vehicle, the Mk3, is the world’s first fully functional electric flying racing car. With an overall aesthetic reminiscent of classic 1950s sportscars combined with racing drones, the speeders feature an octocopter layout, airfoil-profiled rotor arms, cutting- edge carbon-fibre composites and the latest EV battery technology. New advances in safety are delivered through a suite of technologies and engineering elements never before seen on an eVTOL craft. These innovations include LiDAR and Radar collision avoidance systems that create a ‘virtual force field’ around the craft to ensure close but ultimately safe racing. Designed for maximum performance and aerial agility, they move through the air with precision and pace. An entire grid of these remotely piloted Mk3s is currently being built by Airspeeder, ahead of this year’s competitive pilotless events. The Mk4 is expected to launch in 2022, before the inaugural crewed season gets underway.

IWC Schaffhausen partners with Airspeeder

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