Bruno Senna Joins Airspeeder As Pilot and Global Ambassador

Mar 10 2022


Airspeeder is delighted to announce the confirmation of Formula 1, Formula E, FIA World Endurance Championship driver and World eX Championship winner, Bruno Senna as a development pilot and global ambassador.


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I could not resist the opportunity to approach Airspeeder to be part of this incredible sport. Airspeeder combines my passions for racing, flying, and being part of the development of cutting-edge technology.
Bruno Senna Airspeeder Racing Development Pilot and Global Ambassador

Senna’s arrival at Airspeeder comes at a critical juncture as the company stands on the cusp of unveiling its first remotely-piloted EXA Series races. In this capacity, Senna will assume a key role not only in shaping the development of the sport but also in driving the technical and dynamic advancements of the Speeders that will participate in these races. Moreover, he will actively participate in the forthcoming remotely-piloted EXA races, contributing to the sport’s evolution as it progresses towards the highly anticipated piloted Airspeeder Grand Prixs scheduled for 2023 and beyond.

Senna’s career has consistently positioned himself at the cutting-edge of motorsport. He made an early foray into the world of Formula E and further cemented his reputation by spearheading the growth of eSports. His seamless transition to Formula 1 to securing a race-winning seat in the Williams RCCO World eX Championship showcases his versatility and adaptability in these domains. As such, Senna perfectly embodies the essence of Airspeeder, which seamlessly blends these worlds to create what promises to be the world’s most thrilling and captivating motorsport.

Senna’s role as a development pilot promises to be unparalleled. Furthermore, his extensive involvement in UAV flying and development adds to his qualifications. He actively engages in modifying drones and finds the continuous technical advancements through modifications and upgrades intriguing. Senna’s unique blend of exceptional driving skills, eSports expertise, and a genuine enthusiasm for aviation positions him as the ideal development driver for electric flying car racing. With his diverse skill set and a dedicated team, Senna is poised to make significant contributions to the advancement of electric flying car technology.


At my core I am a racer but I’m also a passionate technologist. As an Airspeeder pilot, I’m enormously excited to shape the place and space for the industry to rapidly develop the hardware and digital technologies that will deliver on the promise of electric flying cars.
Bruno Senna Airspeeder Racing Development Pilot and Global Ambassador

Even in initial development meetings, Senna has already identified significant functional and technical advantages over traditional legacy motorsports. For example, Senna is applying the race-craft he has developed over multiple disciplines to inform strategic approaches for pit-stops, which in the case of Airspeeder will initially deliver rapid battery swaps using a patented ‘slide-and-lock’ system. This insight is invaluable as teams effectively can build tactical philosophy from a blank sheet of paper, adding a highly compelling strategic layer to the sport.

“It’s fascinating when you consider racing with the added vertical dimension.” Senna continues: “As a driver, I’m excited to re-define racing lines, overtaking approaches and pit strategy within this highly dynamic environment. This will make for close, compelling and ultimately gripping racing for fans, whether they are coming to motorsport for the first time or are life-long followers of car racing.” 


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