History made in world’s first eVTOL drag race | EXA Series

Nov 04 2021


In Airspeeder’s first-ever EXA Series pre-season test race - known as the EXA Drag Race - two remotely-flown Alauda Aeronautics Mk3 Speeders are pitched in a battle of pure speed down a 300m drag strip.


A significant milestone in the evolution of motorsport unfolded in the South Australian deserts in November 2021, marking the conclusion of a pre-season test with the world’s first-ever timed drag-race involving electric flying cars. The exhilarating 300-meter sprint not only provided an initial glimpse into the realm of flying car racing as a sport but also served as the culmination of intense rivalry between Alauda Aeronautics engineering factions: Alpha and Bravo.

Equipped with Alauda Mk3 Speeders, both teams soared above the ground, mere 10 meters from the surface, reaching speeds exceeding 100 km/h. Notably, the red and black Speeder representing Team Bravo triumphantly crossed the finish line 3.2 seconds ahead of its black and silver counterpart from Team Alpha. This event showcased the potential and prowess of electric flying car racing, captivating the imagination of spectators and highlighting the remarkable advancements achieved by Alauda Aeronautics in this groundbreaking domain.

Watch the EXA Drag Race below.

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Pioneering a new era, remote pilots showcased the dynamic capabilities of the world’s inaugural electric flying racing cars like never before. In this demonstration, the remote pilots were granted unrestricted autonomy to chart their own path towards victory. The selection of a drag race format served as a pure exhibition of the performance and safety technologies that are fundamental to the sport.

Significantly, the event showcased the remarkable “Virtual Forcefield” suite, a comprehensive set of safety systems harnessing the power of LiDAR and RADAR technologies. These advanced systems enable close but inherently safe racing conditions. The effectiveness of this suite will play a pivotal role in the upcoming EXA Series, a remotely-piloted Grand Prix Season designed as a developmental precursor to the crewed Airspeeder Racing series. The EXA Series is slated to be hosted in soon-to-be-unveiled locations starting from 2022, and will set the stage for the thrilling future of aerial circuit racing.

This first test drag race is a major moment in the creation of our sport and a giant leap forward for the development of electric flying cars.
Matt Pearson Founder & CEO, Airspeeder & Alauda Aeronautics.

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In the upcoming race events of 2022, Speeders will engage in exhilarating head-to-head competition in landscapes that have never before witnessed motorsport action, owing to the distinct nature of flying car racing which does not rely on traditional physical infrastructure. As a result, this sport has been purposefully developed from the ground up, taking into account the imperative global need to minimize ecological impact during races. This approach ensures that flying car racing aligns with the worldwide commitment to environmental sustainability, making it a sport that embraces innovation while prioritizing minimal ecological impact.

Diverse teams representing various industries will be equipped with Speeders and granted extensive technical and tactical autonomy to pursue a competitive advantage within the series according to their own strategies. This approach guarantees swift advancements in the Alauda race-craft, designed to reach speeds of up to 300 km/h in full race specification, while simultaneously fostering progress across the broader eVTOL sector. By providing teams with the flexibility to innovate and push boundaries, the development of race-crafts will be accelerated, propelling advancements not only within the Alauda series but also benefiting the wider eVTOL industry as a whole.




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